Benefits and Privileges

R.1  UP Manila Benefits, Incentives and Privileges

R.1.1  Study Privileges

R.1.1.1  Privileges of Non-Earning Dependents of UP Personnel (1054th Board of Regents, October 29, 1992).

  • Non-earning dependents of regular full-time personnel (permanent or if temporary, with at least five (5) years of aggregate se rvice in the UP System) shall be entitled to 100% waiver of tuition and miscellaneous fees (except student fund fees).
  • Non-earning dependents of regular part-time/permanent or if temporary, with at least (5) years of aggregate service shall be entitled to 50% discount of tuition and miscellaneous fees (except student fund fees).
  • This shall not apply when personnel are on leave without pay or on secondment without UP pay except for secondment to another government agency or outside the country on an academic assignment , or sick leave with or without pay.
  • The continued entitlement of a dependent shall be subject to the passing rate of at least 75% of all units enrolled in the previous semester or term, unless the dependent’s failure to meet the condition is due to illness - in which case the full entitlement shall still be given in the next semester or term.
  • The duration of the privilege for any dependent cannot exceed the maximum residency rule.

R.1.2  Limited/private practice of profession

Permission to engage in limited/private practice of profession may be granted provided such practice:

  • Is not adverse to the interest of the University;
  • Shall not be conducted on official time;
  • Will improve person’s efficiency and usefulness to the University; and
  • Shall be subject to such other requirements as may be imposed by the law or University Rules and Regulations.

Administrative personnel and REPS may teach only after office hours and after written permission has been granted. The maximum teaching load they can handle is six (6) course credits per semester, including their load within and outside UP (if any).

Faculty members with administrative or research load credits may not teach in other educational or training institutions.

Teaching in other institutions will be allowed only for institutions with existing Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with UP Manila.

R.1.3  Library Privileges

Employees of the University are entitled to library privileges. They may borrow books and other reading materials subject to existing library rules and regulations. Library permit can be secured from the assigned personnel of the library an employee wishes to visit. The permit serves as the library card. Validated I.D. cards maybe used as permit/privilege to avail of library facilities subject to the library registration guidelines. Library privileges is extended to UPM alumni with alumni I.D.

R.1.4  UP Provident Fund, Inc. (UPPFI) Benefit

This program aims to supplement the retirement benefit of UP employees. The membership is voluntary and shall be confirmed by the Board of Trustees. Eligible for membership are the following:

  • Regular full time
  • Permanent
  • Casuals, contractuals, temporary and substitute
  • Those whose salaries are charged to the General Appropriations Fund of UP. It also provides separation benefits, equity loans, multi-purpose loans, emergency loan, bridge “pampatawid” loan, death assistance benefit and such other loans, that the Board of Trustees may allow (PRIMER, UP Provident Fund, Inc August 2002).

R.1.5  UP-PGH Health Service

The UP-PGH Health Service provides free consultation, medical assistance and annual physical examination to UP Manila employees.

R.1.6  Creche and Child Care Development Center (ECCD 8990)

The Creche and Child Care Development Center is a day care center in the work place, providing minding centers to children (0-6 years of age) of UPM employees.

It is also an Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Center wherein stimulating educational activities are provided to children 2-6 years of age. Employees who avail of the privileges are charged a nominal fee.

R.1.7  Housing Facilities

Residential units (walk-up or cluster) in UP Diliman campus are available for lease to qualified UPM employees and are subject to the Housing Rules and Regulations. However, only limited number of residential slots are available on a first-come firstserve basis.

R.1.8  UP Enhanced Hospitalization Program (UP eHOPE)

Assistance in the amount of up to P100, 000.00 per year is given to an employee in case of hospitalization occurring within his/her years of active service in the University, provided that at the time of the claim, the employee is in active service and have rendered at least one (1) year of continuous service. This includes P10,000.00 for postconfinement medicines.

This is open to:

  • Regular, full/part-time, permanent employees (faculty, REPS, and administrative staff);
  • Regular, full-time/part-time faculty members who are not tenured; and
  • UP Contractuals/Casuals.

Note: Approved per 1322nd BOR Meeting dated 24 November 2016. Effectivity date is January 1, 2017.

R.1.9  Other Benefits from the Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA)

  • Rice Subsidy/Allowance
  • Christmas Grocery Allowance
  • Increase in the amount of Loyalty pay
  • Annual Incentive Grant
  • Expanded Service Recognition Pay (eSRP*)

The eSRP is an additional incentive for the administrative staff and REPS, equivalent to ten (10) days for every calendar year of service to the University. The eSRP is payable to eligible employees in any of the following cases:

  1. Compulsory retirement at age 65.
  2. Optional retirement starting at age 60 until just before age 65 of eligible staff with at least 25 years of service and whose unit or office has an approved succession plan for those applying for optional retirement.
  3. Early retirement due to permanent total disability (no longer fit to work) under the rules of the GSIS regardless of age but with at least 25 years of service to UP.
  4. In case of death of eligible staff regardless of age and length of service to UP.

*Note: Approved per 1321st BOR meeting on 27 October 2016. Effectivity is January 1, 2017.

R.1.10  Government Employee Benefits

R.1.10.1  GSIS Benefits

All employees of the University whether permanent, temporary, casual or contractual with employee - employer relationship who are receiving basic pay or salary but not per diems, honoraria or allowance are compulsory members of the GSIS. The following are offered as benefits:

  • Consolidated Loan
  • Policy Loan
  • Dividends
  • Housing Loan
  • Scholarship-Educational Loans
  • Disability and Sickness-Income Benefit
  • Separation Benefit
  • Maturity Benefit
  • Cash Surrender Value
  • Employee Compensation
  • State Insurance Benefit
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Life Insurance
  • Survivorship and Death Claim Benefits
  • Accidental Death Benefits
  • Optional Life Insurance
  • Retirement Benefits – any of the following:
    • RA 660 (Pension from GSIS)
    • RA 8291 (Pension from GSIS)

Note: Please refer to the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the GSIS Act of 1997 (RA 8291) for a complete guide to retirement benefits. (Brochure is available at the HRDO)

Retirement Benefits Options:

RA 660 (Pension from GSIS)

  • Who may retire?
    • Any official or employee who has obtained and/or completed the required minimum age and length of service as indicated below:

Age:          52  53  54  55  56  57  58  59  60  61  62  63  64  65 

Service:    35  34  33  32  31  30  28  26  24  22  20  18  16  15 

    • The last three (3) years of which must be continuous
    • He/She must be in the service as of May 31, 1977

RA 8291 (Pension from GSIS)

  • Who may retire?
    • Any official or employee who has rendered at least 15 years of service.
    • With at least 60 years of age at the time of retirement.
    • He /She should not be receiving a monthly pension from permanent total disability.
  • What are the benefits?

  • The retiree may choose from any of the following:
    • The 5-year lump sum (60 x basic monthly pension) and the basic monthly pension for life starting at the end of the 5-year guaranteed period .
    • The cash payment (18 x basic monthly pension) plus the basic monthly pension for life starting immediately upon retirement.

Retirees may also be entitled to the following benefits:/p>

  • Payment of Terminal Leave (if any)
  • UP Provident Fund Claim,
  • PAG-IBIG Provident Fund Claim
  • Medical Benefits
  • Free Tuition Fee for qualified dependents

R.1.10.2  PAG-IBIG Fund Benefit

Membership with PAG-IBIG is mandatory. If one transfers to another participating employer, PAG-IBIG contribution shall be carried to his/her credit including earnings. The voluntary withdrawal or separation from the service due to retirement, death, disability, resignation or dismissal terminates 32 University of the Philippines Manila membership with PAG-IBIG.


  • Loans (Emergency, appliance, multi-purpose, housing, etc.)
  • Provident – claims may be made upon the occurrence of any of the following:
    • Membership Maturity
    • Retirement
    • Total Disability or Insanity
    • Separation from the service by reason of health as provided for by law

R.1.10.3  PhilHealth Benefits and Services

As a government employee, membership to PhilHealth is compulsory. UP Personnel, whether permanent, temporary, casual or UP contractuals are covered by the PhilHealth benefits and service.

Conditions in claiming for PhilHealth benefits:

  • With payment of at least three (3) monthly contributions within the last six (6) month prior to confinement.

  • Confined in Accredited Hospital for at least 24 hours due to an illness or disease requiring hospitalization.

R.1.11  Longevity or Length of Service Award

The Length of Service Award shall initially be granted to an employee who has rendered at least three (3) years of continuous and satisfactory service in a particular position and which shall consist of one (1) step increment in accordance with the provisions of the Joint CSC-DBM Circular No. 1 s. 1990.

R.1.12  Loyalty Award

The Loyalty Award shall initially be granted to an employee who has completed at least ten (10) years of continuous and satisfactory service in the University. Succeeding payment shall be granted every 5 years of continuous and satisfactory service in the University.

In the University, a cash bonus of P1, 000.00 per year of service is given to a loyalty awardee.

R.1.13  Employees Compensation Claim (ECC) Benefit

Conditions for claim:

  • Sickness is work related.
  • It is caused by the nature of employees’ work or by his working conditions such as:
    • The employee is injured while performing his/her official function
    • The accident occurred outside the company premises while executing an order from his/her employer
    • The accident happened while on board a company vehicle
    • The accident happened during a company sponsored activity


  • Subsistence Allowance

  • Personnel shall be granted subsistence allowance based on the number of days included in the duration when they rendered actual work at the workplace including the following:
    • Special detail (local and foreign) without per diem.
    • Attendance to seminars and conferences without per diem.
    • Participation on official capacity to outside activities (CSC/DBM, etc.)
    • Compensatory Time-Off (CTO).
  • Coverage:
    • All regular faculty, REPS and administrative personnel (full-time and part-time) regardless of employment status (permanent/temporary/substitute)
    • Attendance to seminars and conferences without per diem.
    • All casual and UP contractual personnel.
  • Hazard Pay

  • Personnel shall be entitled to full hazard pay for actual service to the University provided leave of absence and outside official activities shall not exceed ten (10) working days in one (1) calendar month.
    • Special detail (local and foreign) without per diem.
    • Attendance to seminars and conferences without per diem.
    • Participation on official capacity to outside activities (CSC/DBM, etc.)
    • Compensatory Time-Off (CTO).
  • Coverage:
    • All regular faculty, REPS and administrative personnel (full-time and part-time) regardless of employment status (permanent/temporary/substitute).
    • Attendance to seminars and conferences without per diem.
    • All casual and UP contractual personnel.
  • Grant of One-step salary increase to employees/non-teaching staff who have completed graduate studies for a degree course

  • Eligibility and requirements:
    • Completion of a graduate degree course as evidenced by the following authenticated documents:
      a. Diploma
      b. Transcript of Records
    • Must have served at least two (2) years of continous service to the University under permanent status.
    • With at least very satisfactory performance rating during the last two (2) years of service.
  • One-Grade Increase 3 months prior to compulsory retirement

  • Three (3) months prior to compulsory retirement, employees shall be granted salary increase equivalent to one (1) salary grade higher that his/her basic salary.