Sources and Classification of UP Manila Funds

Fund is the sum of money or other resources set aside for the purpose of carrying out specific activities or attaining certain objectives in accordance with special regulations, restrictions, or limitations, and constitutes an independent fiscal and accounting entity (Sec. 3 PD 1445)1.

A.1  General Fund – are funds available for any purpose that Congress may choose to apply, and is composed of all receipts or revenues that do not otherwise accrue to other funds. It is the government subsidy used to finance the operations of UP Manila.

A.2 Off-Budgetary Fund – which are receipts for expenditure items that are not part of the National Expenditure Program, which are authorized for depositing in government financial institutions.

These are categorized as:

A.2.1   Retained Income/Funds – are collections that are authorized by law to be used by agencies for their operation or specific purposes. These include but are not limited to receipts from tuition and matriculation fees and other internally generated receipts.

A.2.2   Revolving Fund – are receipts derived from business-type activities of departments/ agencies as authorized by law, and which are deposited in an authorized government depository bank by UP Manila.

A.2.3   Trust/Custodial Fund – are receipts or cash received by UP Manila - whether from a private source or another government agency – to fulfill a specific purpose. These includes trust receipts – both from an individual or corporation – that are required to be held by UP Manila until the outcome of a procurement activity is determined, as well as cases where UP Manila holds receipts as a trustee, agent or administrator, for the fulfillment of some obligations.