Fundamental Principles

Financial transactions and operations of any government agency shall be governed by the fundamental principles set forth hereunder, to wit: (Section 4, PD 1445)2

B.1 No money shall be paid out of any public treasury or depository except in pursuance of an appropriation law or other specific statutory authority.

B.2 Government funds or property shall be spent or used solely for public purposes

B.3 Trust funds shall be available and may be spent only for the specific purpose for which the trust was created or the funds received.

B.4 Fiscal responsibility shall, to the greatest extent, be shared by all those exercising authority over the financial affairs, transactions, and operations of the government agency.

B.5 Disbursements or disposition of government funds or property shall invariably bear the approval of the proper officials.

B.6 Claims against government funds shall be supported with complete documentation.

B.7 All laws and regulation applicable to financial transactions shall be faithfully adhered to.

B.8 Generally accepted principles and practices of accounting as well as of sound management and fiscal administration shall be observed, provided that they do not contravene with the existing laws, rules and regulations.