Budget Cycle: Planning/Preparation/Authorization/Reporting

C.1  There shall be an annual review of performance/assessment of past year's operation; reaffirmation of priority projects for the current year and development of plans/targets/ flagship projects for the ensuing budget year which shall be prepared by the Office of the Chancellor together with Deans/Directors, conducted by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development.

C.2  Subject to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) general policies and guidelines reflected in its budget call, the plans/targets/flagship projects identified by the Chancellor in consultation with the Deans/Directors shall become the basis of the annual budget proposals of UP Manila.

C.3  The Director of the PGH shall be responsible for the preparation and submission of the annual budget proposal for the hospital to DBM, through the UP Manila Chancellor and the UP President.

C.4  The UP Manila budget proposal shall be submitted to DBM through the UP President. Pursuant to EO 714, UP Fiscal Autonomy, the approved annual budget from government subsidy of the UP System shall be “appropriated to the University System in accordance with the program and project structure that defines allocation breakdowns only on the basis of current operating expenditures (COE) and capital outlay (CO), except for foreign assisted projects which shall follow the usual Project/Program Activity.

C.5  All income receipts and fees accruing to or derived by UP shall, upon their collection, be automatically released to UP, which shall be considered in the respective campus Internal Operating Budget (IOB).

C.6  The UP President together with the CU Chancellors recommends to the Board of Regents the allocation of the approved budget into the different CUs and the PGH which shall become the basis of respective IOB.

C.7  The priority projects for the current year identified by the Chancellor shall become the basis of the IOB of UP Manila.

C.8  The director of PGH is likewise responsible for the development of the IOB of the hospital.

C.9  The approved IOB shall become the basis of the Notice of Sub-Allotment to the colleges/units.

C.10  The DBM through the UPS requires the submission of quarterly accomplishment/performance report.

C.11  The UP Manila Budget Office shall provide the Deans/Directors of Colleges/Units the status report of allotment and balances for the period ending June 30, October 31 and December 31.