Property Accountability

A.1  Every officer of any government agency whose duties permit or require the possession or custody of government funds or property shall be accountable therefore and for the safekeeping thereof in conformity with law. Every accountable officer shall be properly bonded in accordance with law. (Section 101, PD 1445)1.

A.2  The head of any agency of the government is immediately and primarily responsible for all government funds and property pertaining to his agency. Persons entrusted with the possession or custody of the funds or property under the agency head shall be immediately responsible to him without prejudice to the liability of either party to the government. (Section 102, PD 1445)2

A.3  When government funds or property are transferred from one accountable officer to another, or from an outgoing officer to his successor, it shall be done upon properly itemized invoice and receipt which shall invariably support the clearance to be issued to the relieved or out-going officer, subject to the regulations of the Commission (Section 77, PD 1445)3