Repair and Maintenance of Equipment and Motor Vehicles

Whenever an equipment is no longer functioning well, the end-user or the accountable officer in custody of the property shall report the immediate repair thereof to the Supply Officer and to the unit head.

Payment for repair of government equipment at a cost exceeding 30% of the current market price of the same or similar equipment is an excessive expenditure (COA Circular 85-55A)9. Option to condemn the property must be considered.

The CPDMO shall prepare the Pre-repair and the Post-repair Inspection Reports for equipment Basic Administrative Policies and Procedures 49 under repair. Pre-repair inspection/evaluation shall be conducted to determine the necessity and/or extent of repair work to be done on the equipment before subjecting the equipment for repair.

Post-repair inspection shall be conducted to determine if the scope of work specified in the Job Order had been performed and whether the replacement parts are specified and brand new.