The Chancellor has the authority to negotiate, obtain or receive grants, gifts and donations and to administer the same for the benefit of UP Manila, subject to reporting to the President.

Acceptance of the following shall be confirmed/approved by the BOR upon recommendation of the President:

  • donations of equipment, the installation, operation or maintenance of which require financial outlay in addition to the approved UPM budget; and
  • donations entailing some onerous conditions stipulated by the donor.

All service donations shall be subject to the approval of the BOR upon recommendation of the President.

All donations must be supported by duly signed Deed of Donation and Acceptance. Cash donations to the University shall be received and receipted by the UP Manila Cash Office and taken up in the books of accounts.

Donations in kind shall pass the Property and Supply Office for recording and issuance of Property Acknowledgement Receipt, if donation is equipment. If the donation is in kind, it shall be supported by the Sales Invoice. The donated unit/object shall be for reporting and for documentation of fair valuation.

Donations without assigned cost shall be endorsed to the Disposal and Appraisal Committee for “appraisal.