Employee Classification

Employees in the University are classified as:

A.1 According to status of appointment:

A.1.1 Permanent
A.1.2 Temporary
A.1.3 Casual
A.1.4 UP Contractual
A.1.5 Substitute

A.2 According to whether occupying plantilla item:

A.2.1 Regular – with plantilla item
A.2.2 Non-regular – not occupying plantilla item (e.g. charged to FDF/PS savings/ PS lumpsum, substitute, etc.)

A.3 According to function and classification:

A.3.1 Academic

A.3.1.1 Faculty (teaching staff)
A.3.1.2 REPS (Research, Extension and Professional Staff)

The regular members of the Faculty include the following:

  • Instructor 1-7
  • Assistant Professor 1-7
  • Associate Professor 1-7
  • Professor 1-12
  • Research Assistant Professor 1-7
  • Research Associate Professor 1-7
  • Research Professor 1-12
  • University Professor

The non-regular members of the Faculty include the following:

  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Professorial Lecturer
  • Visiting Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor
  • Exchange Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor
  • Teaching Associate/Fellow
  • Preceptor
  • Affiliate Faculty
  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Clinical /Associate Professor/Professor
  • Professor Emeritus (honorific and lifetime position; special appointment)

* In the College of Medicine, the Clinical Associate Professors (CAPs) are now given honoraria for teaching undergraduate medical students, as approved by the Board of Regents in its 1320th Meeting on 25th of August 2016, subject to availability of funds.

Research, Extension and Professional Staff (REPS) include the following:

  • Librarian I-II**
  • College Librarian I-V
  • University Research Associate I-II
  • University Researcher I-V
  • University Extension Associate I-II
  • University Extension Specialist I-V
  • Guidance Service Specialist I-V

A.3.2. Non-academic (Administrative) - The regular members of the non-academic staff include positions found in the Index of Occupational Services, Position Titles and Salary Grades prepared by the Department of Budget and Management (UPM Handbook for Faculty Members, Administrative Staff and REPS).

The non-regular members of the non-academic staff include the following:

  • Casual
  • UP Contractual
  • Graduate Assistant