Recruitment and Selection

Opportunity for employment in the University shall be open to all qualified citizens. Positive efforts shall be exerted to attract the best qualified applicant to enter the service.

C.1 Faculty

All appointments of the faculty shall be made strictly on the basis of merit. No religious test shall be applied, nor shall the religious opinions or affiliations of the instructors of the University be a matter for examination or inquiry. (UP Faculty Manual, 1989, Page 7)

C.2 REPS and Administrative

Employees shall be selected on the basis of merit and fitness to ensure that they will perform the duties and assume the responsibilities of the position given to them (Sec. 21, Chapter V, CSC Rules, 1992). In the event that there is a vacancy, the next-in-rank employee in the department who is competent, qualified and with appropriate civil service eligibility shall be considered as a candidate for the position.