F.1 Faculty

There are two (2) rules for Faculty to be recommended for permanent appointment: (1) Up-or- Out Rule and (2) Tenure-or-Out Rule (1194th BOR, 21 March 2005).

F.1.1   Up-or-Out Rule (for Instructor Level) is a situation wherein an Instructor should first be promoted to the level of Assistant Professor (merit promotion) before he/she can be given tenure. Promotion to an Assistant Professor level requires completion of a master’s degree within five, at most seven years from the date of initial appointment as Instructor.

F.1.1.1  Those affected by UP-or-OUT Rule

  • They may be rehired after they obtain master’s degree or have published articles.
  • They may be considered as part of the pool of applicants to be evaluated for hiring. This means that their previous faculty items are not reserved for them. Instead, they will have to compete with other applicants and will be evaluated based on qualifications.
  • If rehired as full-time faculty members:
    - the appointment shall be temporary in character
    - they may be appointed as Assistant Professor 1

F.1.2 nbsp; Tenure-or-Out Rule (for Assistant Professor and above), is a situation for a faculty to have permanent appointment or not, pending fulfillment of the following requirements: 1) a refereed publication with the faculty as sole or lead author; 2) at least a satisfactory teaching performance.

    The minimum qualification for tenure shall be the following:
  • at least a master’s or equivalent degree or a professional degree;
  • teaching performance of satisfactory or better; and
  • sole or lead authorship of a refereed journal article (local or international) or academic publisher or literary publisher in the case of literary work; or in the field of visual arts, creative work that was exhibited and juried, or a similar requirement in music and other performing arts.
  • In the case of the College of Medicine, part-time faculty members who are recommended for tenure shall be required to complete the college’s Integrated Faculty Development Program or its equivalent, in addition to the above requirements. (BOR 1235th Meeting, 29 August 2008).

    F.1.2.1  Those Affected by Tenure-or-Out Rule

    • They may be rehired as full-time faculty after they publish, as sole or lead author, in refereed journals. The publication must be acceptable to the unit concerned for tenure purposes.
    • If rehired as full-time faculty members:
      - the appointment shall be temporary in nature
      - they shall retain previous rank (rank at the time of last appointment)
    • The publication which was used as basis for rehiring shall not count as a basis for giving tenure. A second publication will have to be accomplished for tenure.

    F.2 REPS

    REPS with temporary appointments but who occupy items must be granted permanent status upon completion of six months of meritorious service in accordance with Civil Service Rules (Per UP- AUPAEU CNA, 12 December 2008).

    REPS who were reclassified from permanent administrative appointment shall retain their permanent status, provided that they pass additional test of fitness (EO No. 3.A. 2, 17 February 1970).

    Permanent REPS and administrative personnel who will be reclassified to faculty shall lose their permanent status, unless they comply with the faculty rule on tenure (BOR1194th Meeting, 21 March 2005).

    F.3 Administrative

    A permanent appointment shall be issued to a person who meets all the requirements for the position to which he/she is being appointed, including the prescribed eligibility (CSC Rules No. 40, Series 1998).