Leave Privileges

H.1 Faculty

Regular members of the faculty who do not have administrative positions are entitled to the Teacher’s Vacation Leave of 30 days (Full-time faculty) and 15 days (Part-time faculty) during the mid-year period and to the usual Christmas vacation which is forfeited if not availed of within a particular academic year.

Only faculty members with administrative functions or are engaged in research or other assignments, provided they carry an official designation or appointment, are entitled to cumulative leave credits within the period of their appointment to administrative position or research assignment.

Faculty of the School of Health Sciences as well as the Clinical Departments of the College of Medicine may be permitted to enjoy the Teachers Vacation Leave anytime during the academic year upon the discretion of the Chancellor and recommendation of the Dean/Director.

In addition, the faculty may enjoy the following leave privileges:

H.1.1  Vacation Leave Without Pay

The Chancellor may, upon recommendation of the Dean or Head of Office, grant leave of absence without pay not to exceed one (1) year at a time, provided it does not go beyond two (2) consecutive years. The absence must be planned in advance so as not to interfere with the work schedule of the University. If the faculty has a temporary appointment, the leave may be granted ONLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF STUDY, in which case the existing rules on the study leave shall apply. Failure to report back to UP shall be considered as absence without leave.

H.1.2  Maternity Leave

Faculty members shall be entitled to a maternity leave of six (6) months, two (2) months before and four (4) months after delivery

  H.1.2.1 Such leave shall be paid subject to the provisions of the Maternity Leave Law (i.e., 60 days with pay);

  H.1.2.2 If the health of the mother or of the child requires, as evidenced by the medical certificate, such leave may be extended by the Chancellor;

  H.1.2.3 If her services are urgently needed, the Chancellor may reduce the leave after delivery from 4 to 2 months, subject to medical clearance (fit to work) from the attending physician;

  H.1.2.4 In special cases, the Chancellor may waive the provisions of the two preceding clauses if the health of the mother and her child so warrants as evidenced by the medical certificate, but in no case shall the period of leave be less than 30 days before and 30 days after delivery (Faculty Manual, 2003).

H.1.3  Faculty Cumulative Sick Leave Benefit (FCSLB) for Regular Full-time Faculty

Regular, full-time faculty members shall be granted sick leave benefit for a period equivalent to fifteen (15) days per year, cumulative and commutable only upon compulsory retirement or upon optional retirement due to serious/severe illness, as defined by PhilHealth (1255th Meeting of the BOR, 27 May 2010).

Number of days sick leave beyond fifteen (15) days will be charged to the earned leave credits under this benefit. When this is already exhausted, the remaining number of days sick leave shall be charged to the sick leave/vacation leave credits earned as faculty administrator, researcher, community worker, etc. If in case total earned leave credits as regular faculty and faculty administrator are used up due to prolonged sick leave, the remaining days of sick leave shall be without pay.

Faculty members who get seriously ill may also be allowed to monetize a portion of the available earned leave credits, subject also to availability of funds.

The computation of sick leave benefits of those faculty extended beyond age 65 will be based on the salary at actual retirement date (last day of extension) instead of the salary at age 65, (1261st BOR, 28 October 2010).

Regular Part-time faculty are not entitled to FCSLB, however, they are entitled to a 7.5 days sick leave benefit per academic year which is non-cumulative and noncommutative.

H.1.4 Cumulative Leave for REPS/Administrative Staff

In general, all REPS/Administrative staff whether permanent, temporary, UP contractual, casual, who render work during the prescribed office hours, shall be entitled to fifteen (15) days vacation and fifteen (15) days sick leave annually with full pay exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. An employee still on probation may already avail of whatever leave credits he/she has earned during said period. Accordingly, any leave of absence without pay incurred during the period of probation shall extend the completion thereof for the same number of days of such absence (amended by CSC MC Nov. 41, sec 44, s. 1998).

Part-time regular employees shall be entitled to vacation and sick leave benefits that are proportionate to the number of work hours rendered.

Research/Project-based personnel (Job Orders) are not entitled to all leave benefits.