Study Leaves

J.1  For Faculty

Subject to the exigencies of the service, faculty members may be granted study leave with or without pay. They maybe allowed to enroll full time in the University or in other educational institutions subject to the (“Faculty Privileges”, Chapter 6, p. 75, UP Faculty Manual December 2003):

J.1.1   Approval of the Chancellor;

J.1.2   Restrictions cited in Enrollment Without Permission (Chapter 10 Conduct, Restrictions, and Discipline, Section 2.2 Studies); and

J.1.3   Rules on the Privilege to Study (Refer to Section 1 Study Privileges for Faculty Members Not on Leave of this chapter)

J.2    For Administrative Personnel/REPS

J.2.1    Half-day Study Leave

This is available only to permanent non-teaching staff. It shall be tenable for a maximum of two (2) years for bachelor/vocational studies, three years (3) for a master’s degree, and five (5) years for a doctoral degree.

There shall be no provision for a substitute for the grantee. The selection of grantees will take into consideration the potential of the candidate to undertake further studies and the need of the unit as well as the relevance of the course to the job. The grantee shall sign a contract with the University to render a return service of one-half year for every year or a fraction thereof of half-day study leave with pay (1065th BOR, May 26, 1993).

J.2.2   Full-time Study Leave

This is also available to permanent non-teaching staff who wants to pursue their vocational course, bachelor’s degree, or master’s/ doctoral degree subject to the following conditions:

J.2.2.1   The grant shall be tenable for at most one (1) year for vocational studies, at most two (2) years for Bachelor’s, Master’s/ Doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees, provided that the grantee must pass all subjects enrolled.

J.2.2.2   During the period of the grant, the grantee shall be on “full-time regular load” student.

J.2.2.3   In case of failure in not more than 25% of the total units enrolled in, tuition fee assistance (being given regardless of school) will be forfeited but the grantee may still continue to enjoy the study leave with pay.

J.2.2.4   In case of failure in more than 25% of the total units enrolled in, the study leave with pay privilege will be forfeited.

J2.2.5   Application for the study grant should be filed with the Office of the Chancellor at least two months ahead of the actual period that the leave will be availed of. It must be properly endorsed by the Head of the Unit and supported by a certification that a substitute for the grantee is not necessary, and that the course to be pursued by the applicant is relevant to his/her position and functions.

J.2.2.6   The performance rating of the applicant for the last two (2) semesters should at least be very satisfactory.

J.2.2.7   The grantee shall sign a return service contract and surety agreement with the University to render a return service of one (1) year for every year or fraction thereof of full-time study leave with pay (1120th BOR, 27 May 1998).