UP Manila Basic Administrative Manual

Part I

    1. Employee Classifications
    2. Appointment of UP Manila Employees
    3. Recruitment and Selection
    4. Promotion
    5. Performance Evaluation
    6. Tenure/Permanency
    7. Extension of Service Beyond Compulsory Retirement Age of 65
    8. Leave Privileges
    9. Types of Leave
    10. Study Leaves
    11. Faculty Fellowships
    12. Return Service
    13. Special Detail
    14. Sabbatical (for Faculty Members only)
    15. Secondment
    16. Other Leave Privileges enjoyed by Faculty, REPS, and Administrative Staff
    17. Separation from the Service
    18. Benefits and Privileges
  2. FISCAL POLICIES (Financial Systems)
    1. Sources and Classification of UP Manila Funds
    2. Fundamental Principles
    3. Budget Cycle: Planning/Preparation/Authorization/Reporting
    4. Accounting System
    5. Receipts/Income Collection and Deposit
    6. Cash Advances
    7. Personal Services
    1. Public bidding is conducted by the three regular Bids and Awards Committees (BAC) for contracts above PhP1,000,000.00
    2. Alternative Modes of Procurement
    3. Procurement Planning
    4. Alternative Methods of Procurement
    5. Lease of Real Property, Buildings, Equipment and other Personal Property
    1. Property Accountability
    2. Signing of Property Acknowledgment Receipt (PAR) and Inventory Custodian Slip (ICS)
    3. Delivery, Acceptance and Inspection
    4. Issuance and Utilization of Supplies, Materials and Equipment
    5. Physical Count of Supplies and Materials
    6. Physical Inventory of Equipment and Semi-Expendable Items
    7. Repair and Maintenance of Equipment and Motor Vehicles
    8. Disposal of Unserviceable Materials and Equipment
    9. Lease of University Properties
    1. Coverage
    2. Infrastructure Projects Identification
    3. Funding Sources
    4. Procedure

Part II

  1. Request for Authority to fill regular administrative and REPS position (online)
  2. Request for authority to hire casual/UP contractual administrative and REPS positions
  3. Filling up of administrative position (regular/casual/UP contractual)
  4. Hiring regular administrative personnel and REPS (original appointment)
  5. Request for authority to fill-up regular faculty position
  6. Hiring regular faculty (original appointment)
  7. Separation/resignation/transfer to another government agency
  8. Extension of service of persons who have reached the compulsory retirement age of 65 administrative personnel
  9. Study leave/special detail
  10. Online application of travel authority (official travel)
  11. Secondment without pay
  12. Sabattical
  13. Enhanced hospitalization programme (eHOPE)
  14. Leave application
  15. Leave application below 15 days (colleges)
  16. One-stop clearance (OSC) (for compulsory retirees only)
  17. Budget preparation
  18. Budget authorization (IOB preparation)
  19. Collection for miscellaneous income (other payments)
  20. Collection of project funds
  21. Collection of matriculation fees through cashier
  22. Online collection of matriculation fees (Land bank of the Philippines)
  23. Payments to suppliers, service providers and others
  24. Reimbursement of expenses for supplies/materials, repairs, and local travel
  25. Filing of fidelity bond (covering cash accountability of P5,000 and above)
  26. Requesting for special disbursing officer
  27. Initial grant of petty cash fund
  28. Replenishment of petty cash fund
  29. Liquidation of petty cash fund
  30. Grant of cash advance for travel
  31. Liquidation of cash advance for travel and other special purposes
  32. Payment for salaries and other personnel benefits of employees through ATM
  33. Payment for salaries and other personnel benefits of employees through regular disbursing officer
  34. Payment of individual claims with ATM
  35. Payment of first salary and last salary
  36. Donations
  37. Property custodianship acceptance of deliveries
  38. Property custodianship storage and issuance of stock items
  39. Property custodianship perpetual inventory system of supplies
  40. Property custodianship annual equipment inventory taking
  41. Property custodianship unaccounted/missing equipment
  42. Property custodianship request for relief from property accountability
  43. Procurement planning
  44. Process flow on the procurement of goods (supplies, equipment, furniture)
  45. Process flow on the procurement of works (infrastructure)
  46. Process flow on the procurement of goods (through shopping and small value procurement)
  47. Process flow for the procurement of infra projects and services
  48. Application for space rental and utilities
  49. Application for construction and identification card
  50. Construction of externally funded infrastructure projects
  51. Construction of government funded infrastructure projects
  52. Request for legal opinion on official matter (pertaining to office)
  53. Initiation of administrative complaint/s for investigation
  54. Legal Office involvement in the procurement of supplies, materials, equipment and services
  55. Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
  56. Handling of complaints and/or apprehension of suspects
  57. Loss of either government or privately owned property


  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Definition of Terms
  3. Abbreviation and Acronyms
  4. Required Documents for Personnel Transactions
  5. Mandatory minimum supporting documents for common transactions to commence all modes of procurement
  6. Forms
  7. References and citations